Formatting for Scripts
You can try free software such as ROugh Draft or set up a template in Word which uses the conventions. For conventions see examples at script-o-rama and also Worksheet no. 1 in the BFI handouts on

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    Have a look at the Depict website. An intersting example to look at is As I was Falling - Rachel Tillotson
    Look at the Atom website - they were the first to use the potential for streaming films on the internet.

    Have a look at Film 4 Shooting Gallery - there is a shorts and clips section on there website. BBC - 10 x 10 series. THe Film Council's Digital Shorts series C4's Short and Curlies. Also look at some films that are feature length but are made up of shorter stories - Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusthc is an example.
    Look at Silver Films as an example of a Film Company that have produced successful short films

    Short Film Festivals
    Look at the Raindance Film Festival
    Look at Brief Encounters film festival in Bristol
    These Worksheets will help you with the impact of short film festivals on short film

    Your work so far should be showing
    An understanding of developments in the making of Short films - use the activities on Worksheet 13 and 14 to explore this and write the results up in blog posts.

    You must have included analysis of the way that short film is being given fresh opportunties through Digital technologies and the Internet (especially Broadband)
    This worksheet will give you some more ideas bring in as many of your findings to your bog as possible - eg tag them in Delicious if you have a feed set up - or put them as links in your posts or better in your sidebar (you should have a widget set up for Links and for Blogs).
    Digital Technology
    Web 2.0
    Analysis of Short Films - include:
    • talking about all the areas we looked at last year for analysis:
      • Camerawork and cinematography
      • Sound
      • Editing
      • Mise-en-scene
    • analysis of narrative structure
    Awareness of Audience:
    • Questionnaires (don't spend too long on these - discuss with me)
    • Interenet research - which examples of short films have done well in the
    Use of technologies
    FIlm ideas with anotation
    Show an awareness of the potential of technology in your planning and preparation:
    • Use Web 2.0 technologies wherever possible - by using social networking sites, soccial bookmarking (Delicious),
    • make sure you are using tagging in our blogs (called labels in Blogger)
    • talk about how you will use Web 2.0 to promote your product and use it to do this
    • get an audience to interact with your blog
      • use polling on your blog
      • invite and use comments
      • follow each others blogs